An encouraging note…

An encouraging note…

encouraging note

I found an encouraging note from my daughter this morning.

Amid the tension of the last week, I was sitting at my desk way too much. That, combined with stress over nearly everything, meant that my back was a mess. I spent most of the week lying on the living room floor with a heating pad, with occasional breaks to do laps around the house for exercise. It was not fun.

I’m trying to still get up early to get my writing done before the craziness hits. With my husband on spring break, my boss allowing me to work from home, three kids doing e-learning, and two lively dogs it’s a little hard to get much done.

This morning I woke feeling much better. And, when I got to my desk I discovered that my lovely, talented 14-year-old left me this doodle on my keyboard this morning. What a nice way to greet the day.

I hope you will have a little brightness in your day, dear reader. Take care and be gentle with yourself and others.

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